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                                  G+Bond? – Optical Bonding Advantages


                                  • Elimination of internal reflections
                                  • Increased contrast in high ambient or sunlight
                                  • No Yellowing Issues (UV resistance)


                                  • No front condensation issues
                                  • No dust contaminants between glass and LCD front
                                  • Display Ruggedization
                                  • Thermal dissipation improvement


                                  • Hold glass in place if it breaks
                                  • Environmentally friendly materials
                                  • Fire retardant


                                  • Adaptable from?2.5” up to 130” screens
                                  • Recoverable Process
                                  • Material temperature stability range: -115°C to 265°C

                                  Enerlight? – Backlighting Customization Advantages


                                  • Instead of using white LED it uses blue LED with higher efficiency
                                  • Real MTBF internally tested LED for better performances

                                  Color Accuracy

                                  • Matching the desired color temperature and white point
                                  • Gray scale color uniformity e.g. no need of video controller corrections


                                  • Improved thermal management and heat uniformity
                                  • Improved heat dissipation for a longer MTBF


                                  • No need of color correction from the video controller
                                  • Lifetime color stability
                                  • Future-proof: system independent from the LED chipset

                                  μPC – EMBEDDED DISPLAY CONTROLLER ADVANTAGES


                                  • Designed for the specific application
                                  • Reduced power consumption and heat generated


                                  • PCB are Industrially designed and manufactured
                                  • Long term support for the HW and SW

                                  Cost effectiveness

                                  • Based on Open Source OS
                                  • Carefully design to minimize the number of components

                                  In-house design

                                  • Feasibility technology study & Fast Prototyping
                                  • Concept Development and validation
                                  • Mass production

                                  e-Tela? – GDS and EINK? JOINT DEVELOPMENT Advantages

                                  Green and low power

                                  • 100 times more efficient than traditional LCD-TFT technology
                                  • Bi-stable: no power need to hold an image


                                  • Paper-like look
                                  • Reflective: no backlight
                                  • Unmatched contrast in bright environment

                                  Designed to Last

                                  • Reduced number of moving parts
                                  • Perfect combination with G+Bond? for optical enhancement and longer display life

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