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                                  For 40 years, GDS has been a technology leader and world-leading manufacturer in its chosen sectors. The company was formed in 2001 through the merger of CA&G Elettronica (Vicenza, Italy) and Emco Electronics (London, UK).
                                  Our position as the chosen partner of some of the world’s leading companies has been achieved and maintained by providing world class solutions, products and services.
                                  Today, we continue this ethos by growing with our clients as their needs and requirements change. It is this dedication to our customers that drives GDS to remain at the forefront of technologies and markets.

                                  Our business divisions (Displays, Industrial OEM/ODM, Printers and Lighting) operate as a synergistic team across 5 continents. While this scale is essential for competitiveness in global markets, so too is flexibility, and the unique way our business units are structured allows GDS to handle a diverse mix of products and volumes.

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